Call for Papers – Closed

In the framework of their joint cooperation for this conference, ARP and ETF welcome contributions from philosophers and theologians as well as from scholars in other disciplines who are seriously engaged in dialogue between Christianity and key figures (or central insights or paradigms) within their own discipline and context, wherever in the world this may be.

Potential Topics

Scholars are invited to submit an abstract on the significance of religion in general and Christianity, Christian theology or Christian philosophical thinking in particular for contemporary societies in very different contexts, around the globe (i.c. in philosophy or theology of culture).
However, papers may also address certain specific domains or issues like:

  • Political theory or political theology (focusing on, e.g., human rights, international relations, tasks of states and governments, good governance, justice, etc. )
  • Philosophy or theology of technology
  • Philosophy or theology of economics
  • Civil society in a philosophical or theological perspective
  • Philosophy or theology of education and ‘Bildung’
  • Philosophical or theological ethics
  • Philosophy or theology of medicine and health
  • Environmental philosophy or theology
  • Philosophy or theology of arts and literature
  • The contemporary significance of earlier ‘public theologians’ like Abraham Kuyper
  • Etc.
Abstracts and Deadline

Abstracts should be maximum 500 words, and should fall within the theme of the conference, described above. Abstracts can be submitted by email to Please attach two separate Word documents to your email:

  • Document 1: Your paper proposal, include key bibliographic sources consulted (max. 5). In this document, all identifying references to the author should be removed.
  • Document 2: Your name, first name, email address, institutional address, the title of your abstract, the topic under which your paper proposal falls, as well as a short CV (1 page max.).

Deadline (extended): March 1, 2016
You will receive a response before April 1, 2016.

Proposals will be assessed blindly by experts. If your proposal is accepted, you are invited to submit a draft of your paper by July 15, 2016.
Your paper will be made available to all conference participants in advance of the conference, so as to enable a fruitful exchange of ideas.


A special issue of the journal Philosophia Reformata will be dedicated to publish selected philosophical papers presented at this conference. In addition, a volume of the series Christian Perspectives on Leadership and Social Ethics (Peeters Publications) will be dedicated for the publication of selected theological papers.

PDF downloadYou can download a printable PDF version of this Call for Papers here. Please feel free to download and forward this document to anyone interested in this conference.