Round 1 (Tuesday 16/08 11:00 – 12:20)
1-A esthetics and education 1-B social 1-C environment 1-D Identity, Religion and the Refugees
Dr. Rinke van Hell

Film as Laboratory for a Theology of the Future: The Value of Film and Television as Sources for Religious Identity Construction

Prof. Dr. Michael Heyns

Social Ontology and Social Strategy

Prof. Dr. Eduardo J. Echeverria

Integral Ecology, The Theological Foundation of Laudato Si’

Dr. Noemi Mena Montes & Johannes de Jong

Preparation workshop for the evening program by the CPFE on Refugees and the EU

Prof. Dr. René van Woudenberg

What is Interpretation

Dr. Jan van der Stoep

Professional Practices and the Sacred

Dr. Victor Manuel Morales Vásquez

The Discourses on Sustainable Development and Green Ethics

Arjan de Visser

Bavinck, Willmann and Von Humboldt on the Purpose of Education

Liza Lansang

In Search of the Christian Imperative in Bioethical Policy Formation

Prof. Dr. Maarten Verkerk

To a Sustainable World? Philosophical Considerations on the Future of our Energy System


Round 2 (Tuesday 16/08 15:30 – 16:50)
2-A education 2-B secularism 2-C environment 2-D culture
Jaron Daniël Schoone

Moral Subjectivism in Secondary Education

Sjoerd Griffioen

Contesting Secularity: The Löwith-Blumenberg Debate Revisited

Corné J.Rademaker

Towards an Intervention Ethics for International Agricultural Development Cooperation

Martine Oldhoff

‘Upon my Soul!’

Opeoluwa Aiyenitaju

Using Dooyeweerd to Explore Down-to Earth Issues Facing Teachers Using ICT

Wim Nusselder

Secularization for the Sake of Religion

Dr. Jason W. Alvis

In Praise of Waste

Perry Huesmann

The Challenge of Defining and Defending Cultural Pluralism

Dr. Bram de Muynck

Can we Teach to be a ‘Brother’s Keeper’?

Guilherme Vilela Ribeiro de Carvalho

The Rise of the Affective Field and the Future of Marriage


Round 3 (Tuesday 16/08 17:15 – 18:30)
3-A technology 3-B politics
Prof. Dr. Bruce A. Little

The Idea of Progress and Its Consequence for Humanity

Robert van Putten

Sphere Sovereignty in the Late-modern Liquid Network Society

Dr. Hercules Salmon Fourie

Fallacies of the Concept ‘Technology’

Antonius Steven Un

The Public Sphere as a Sovereign Sphere

Stephen McGibbon

Trust in Communication Technology

Dr. Jack Barentsen

Religious Diversity and Innovation: Key Challenges for Religious Leaders


Round 4 (Wednesday 17/08 11:00 – 12:20)
4-A plurality

Joint workshop track organized by:
MC-LOGO_horizontal [pantone] & DEF_1

4-B reformational philosophy 4-C theology
Jos J. A.M. van Gennip

Ethics and Religion. What’s the EU Got to Do with It?

Prof. Dr. Danie Strauss

Philosophy, Theology and the Future of our Societies

Dr. Joseph Bosco Bangura

Charismatic Healing Evangelists and the Ebola Crises in Sierra Leone

Luk Sanders

Christianity as Salt of European Earth

Prof. Dr. Andrew Basden

20 Ways in which Dooyeweerd’s Ideas can Engage with Mainstream Thinking

Dr. Dolf te Velde

Predestination and Destiny

Dr. Hans-Martien ten Napel

Christianity and the Future of Religious Freedom

Dr. Rob Nijhoff

Dooyeweerd and the ‘Accomodation’ by his Neo-Calvinist Predecessors

Dr. Hans Burger

The Noetic Effects of Sin: A Biblical-theological and Systematic-theological Analysis


Round 5 (Thursday 18/08 11:00 – 12:20)
5-A plurality 5-B politics 5-C countries
Prof. Dr. Ad de Bruijne

Neo-Calvinism and Neo-Anabaptism: Christian Public Ambitions at the Crossroads.

Tinus van der Walt

Being Salt of the Earth

Dr. Ben-Willie Kwaku Golo

In Search of a Flourishing Future in Africa: Christianity, Justice and Sustainable Peace in a Changing Climate.

Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Beck

Natural Theology and the Epistemic Status of Christian Beliefs in Pluralistic Societies

Dr. Monica Bouman

Responsibility and Wisdom in International Relations

Lisandra Reichow

Consumerism Society Meets Church: A View on the Prosperity Gospel in Brazil

Prof. Dr. Bradley Green

As Good as it Gets.

John Sianghio

The Sword as a Plowshare


Round 6 (Thursday 16/08 15:30 – 16:50)
6-A technology 6-B economy 6-C countries
Prof. Dr. Wha-Chul Son

Reformational Philosophy of Technology in the Time of Technology Forecast

Prof. Dr. Patrick Nullens

Hope Guided by Justice and Mercy: A Contribution to Christian Normative Economics

Prof. Dr. Yong Joon Choi

The Christian Worldview and the Transformation of Korean Society

Michiel van Well

The Religious Aspect of Technology

Dr. Roel Jongeneel

Understanding the Normativity of Economics: Insights from a Budget Constraint-approach

Dr. Benyamin Intan

Religious Violence, ‘Public Religion’, and the Pancasila-based State of Indonesia

Dr. Christine Boshuijzen

Digital Technologies and the Commodification of the Private Sphere

Prof. Dr. Kees van der Kooi

God’s Oikonomia

Dr. Danica Igrutinović &
Dr. Mariecke van den BergNegotiating the New Serbia: State, Church and Blasphemy


Round 7 (Thursday 16/08 17:15 – 18:30)
7-A philosophy 7-B economy 7-C healthcare
Dr. Dries Deweer

The Contemporary Philosophical Relevance of Personalism. A Reconsideration of Ricoeur

Teunis Brand

Sovereign or Fragile?The Quest for the Legitimacy of the Free Market

Prof. Dr. Maarten Verkerk

The Challenge of Western Healthcare

Dr. Andrew Basden

Dooyeweerd’s View of Meaning: Some Items for Debate

Dr. Steven van den Heuvel

Hope and Economics: Broadening the Capabilities Approach

Cees Zweistra

The Morality of Human-technology Relations and the Measure of the Other

 Adrian Răzvan Șandru

An Alternate Overcoming of Heidegger’s Nihilism through Jean-Luc Marion

Dr. Theodros Assefa Teklu

A Milieu of Scarcity and Divine Fecundity

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Glas

Reinventing Professionalism – Public Responsibility in Current Medicine and Psychiatry


Round 8 (Friday 19/08 11:00 – 12:20)
8-A philosophy 8-B ethics 8-C worldview
Héctor A. Acero Ferrer

“The oppressed” in Catholic Cultural Imagination. Reading Liberation Theology Through the Lens of Paul Ricoeur’s Hermeneutics

Rafael van Damme

Understanding Contemporary Punishment as an Effect of the Desacr(ifici)alization of the State Under the Influence of Christianity

Josué Reichow

The Reception and Possible Contributions of a Reformational Philosophy on the Theology of Culture in Brazil

Peter Jansen

Government Communication as a Normative Practice

Dr. Johannes Schick

Reflections on Civil Courage

Prof. Dr. Jan van Vliet

Islam According to Journalist Abraham Kuyper

Prof. Dr. Michael DeMoor

Societal Rationality: Bounded or Embedded?

Ron Grace

Towards a Philosophy of Accounting

Prof. Dr. Henk G. Geertsema

The Biblical Worldview: Some Necessary Reflections  (workshop)